Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, we have advanced PCB factories and new equipment, which can manufacture various types of PCBs, flexible, hard, multilayer circuit boards, etc

Introduction to the Production Manufacturing of PCB Factory on LINK ELECTRONICS

Who are we?

  • Can provide 2-32 layers of samples to mass production
  • Ordinary board / HDI board / FPC / microwave board / metal substrate
  • Multiple varieties, small and medium batches, short delivery time

Our advantage?

  • Automated production equipment to meet fast delivery
  • Adopting imported raw materials, providing advanced process capabilities

Why find us to make PCB?

  • Excellent quality, quality
  • Intelligent tracking platform, grasp the control of each process
  • Strict reference to SOP production, low deflation

Common PCB Board Products

Chemical plate

Number of layers: 10 layers
Substrate: FR-4
Sheet thickness: 1.8mm
Surface Process: Chemical Shenjin
Solder color: green

Data communication board

Number of layers: 18 floors
Sheet thickness: 2.4mm
Surface treatment: Silver
Minimum wire width / line distance: 3 / 3mil
Solder color: green


Number of layers: 28 layers
Substrate: Hi-TG FR-4
Plate thickness: 5.
Surface treatment: Shenjin
Solder color: blue

HDI board

Number of layers: 10 layers
Sheet thickness: 1.2mm
Surface process: Shenjin
Minimum wire width / line distance: 2.4 / 2.4mil
HDI type: 1 + 4 + 1

PCB factory production capacity

Hard board
Provide advanced process technology Up to 32-layer samples can be provided to mass production
HDI board
Focus on 1-3th order HDI board Factory direct supply, can be shipped
High frequency board
Equipped with various high-frequency board plates Product shipments are as high as 98%
Soft hard fitting board
Single double-sided multi-layer soft hard bond board Strictly control the quality of the product